New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for Sale in Elmira NY

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The Versatility Offered by a New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

We know that you will love every moment you spend inside the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This compact SUV will make your daily drive to Binghamton more exciting, efficient, and enjoyable. Customers throughout the area can take I-86 almost all the way to our front door.


The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes with a 1.5L direct-injection turbo engine that will impress you with its horsepower and torque output. That, along with the Continuously Variable Transmission, is sure to make your daily drive to work smoother than ever before. Customers can also enjoy a higher level of efficiency, thanks to this dynamic powertrain and compact nature.

You will also get a higher level of confidence from the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This is thanks to the Super All-Wheel Control system that comes with the SUV. That means you get added traction to all four wheels, along with three impressive drive modes. From Snow to Gravel, you can be in control of every driving experience.


At the center of the dash, you will get a high-resolution infotainment system that will make every drive much easier to handle. Ithaca customers can utilize this touchscreen for their navigation and media-related needs. The available Mitsubishi Connect system allows you to remotely lock and control the temperature of your Eclipse Cross, meaning your SUV can be warmed up for the drive ahead before you leave your home.

Interior and Exterior

Up to five passengers can fit in this Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with ease. There is plenty of interior space for everyone to get comfortable for the ride to Horseheads. There is a mix of premium materials and functional features inside the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, ensuring you get the best of both worlds. In fact, this cargo space can measure up to 50.1 cu. ft. so that you can bring whatever gear needs to come along for the ride.

The exterior of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is made up of an aggressive stance and long dynamic lines. There is a panoramic sunroof that allows warm light to flood the cabin during your daily commute. The front end features these angled headlights and a unique grille design that will make a statement as soon as you see it.


Safety features are so important, and this Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will prove that point as soon as you hit the road to Endicott. Customers can utilize these driver assists whether they are in a crowded parking lot or on a busy highway.

Here are some of the safety features you can find in a new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers

Trim Levels

Choosing the right Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is as easy as visiting our dealership on County Rd 64. We will show you through the many trim levels and explain the benefits each one has to offer. Customers can find added performance features, innovative technologies, and so much more when shopping these exciting trims.

The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross trim levels are:

  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ES
  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross LE
  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SE
  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL
  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL Touring

Take a New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for a Test Drive Now

Our Elmira dealership can be found right next to Big Flats Consumer Square. This area is packed with excellent shopping centers and restaurants, meaning you can make a whole day out of your visit. Be sure to stop by soon and take the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for a test drive. You will love every moment you spend behind the wheel. Our expert parts department also has a great selection of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross accessories for sale.